Patient Transfer Center

Important Phone Numbers

Phone: 1-877-441-44501-877-441-4450 | Fax: 1-973-535-5606

Atlantic Health System provides a Patient Transfer Center (PTC) that offers a time saving service for doctors and staff at any hospital who wish to either consult with a specialist or initiate a patient transfer into any Atlantic Health Medical Center.

The PTC is staffed 24/7/365 by highly experienced critical care transfer nurses and transfer agents who coordinate the transfer process

When a transfer request is received, the Transfer Center will:

  • Collect appropriate patient information;
  • Facilitate identification of a receiving provider;
  • Facilitate a conference call between referring and accepting providers;
  • Arrange a prompt, live time conference call with the accepting physician;
  • Coordinate logistics to ensure bed availability;
  • Communicate patient clinical information to all necessary parties;
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare law.

The PTC can coordinate the transfer of patients from anywhere in the world to an AHS facility

Atlantic Health’s Patient Transfer Center:

  • Coordinates over 15,000 transfers/year;
  • Facilitates 1800 tele-stroke conferences/year;
  • Facilitates over 300 Pediatric Doc2Doc consultations/year;
  • Activates over 700 STEMI team responses/year.